Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Time is Coming for Your Guided Directions!

There will come a time in each life of the light workers among you where you will receive your guidance and directions, if you haven‘t already. That time is not too distant for many of you. You must learn to receive the information and not try and expand on it or make it into something other than what it is. You may be asked to perform one piece of the puzzle or many pieces. Your work up until this point has been to prepare you for this new shift. Many of you have performed multiple acts of service before this point. This is your training ground.

Know we are advancing many of you in your service. This is not about your pride or vanity. This is not about ego. You are soon called upon in service of the light. Note that you must learn to trust what comes through for you and do as you are asked. This is not about your free will or any aspect of free will because true light workers are not on the human path and will not be following the human ways for much longer. You are not here for humanity but to help with all that is forming right now.

Humanity has created through fear and violence. We hold no such energy. We experiment with ways to help and often are condemned for not fitting in. We come from peace and love and our light is now needed more than ever to help advance evolutionary tracts. It is abundantly clear your work will have ripple effects on humanity but it is not where we come from. You must now return to our ways.

This message will not make sense to many of you reading it. This message is for those who it does make sense to. Humanity must be allowed to continue on its own form of reality and creation. You of the light are not here to interfere with that now. You are here to represent your own worlds and knowledge but you must first remember who and what you are.

The Light