Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trust What Needs to Happen!

When you use your gifts to evolve something or change something, you are not trusting the perfection that exists. If you impose your will on anything, you are corrupting the energy and altering the paths that may need to take place. Don’t assume you know outcomes or what needs to take place. If you volunteer to help energy, be open to what help the energy requires. Your ego is not the place to create help or healing. The place where miracles take place is through spirit, which holds no ego.

Be careful with your assumptions of what needs to take place. Your human agendas often get in the way of the spirit path. It is vital that anyone who wishes to do light work understand this. You may think you are helping but you often are not. Be clear about your motivation. Assist if you are drawn to but you are not the driving force or the deciding force of what is the best course or outcome.