Monday, March 5, 2012

Enjoy the Process!

Dear Ones,

When people are focused on the end result of their desire, they are often missing the process. Each step of the process of creation is very important. It is what helps create the building blocks and the foundation to what you desire. Without a strong foundation, the creation will not be as strong. If you are only focused on the outcome, you tend to wish away the pieces that will build a strong creation and will allow you to alter different aspects to serve you better.

Don’t try and create with too many specifics because there may be a version that is better for you that doesn’t fit what you perceive as the way it should be. We are working with you to create from many levels. Trust is involved in the creation process. Allow the Universe and your teams of energies to help work with you. Look for guidance in the creations and the steps you are required to do. You will find much is working with you.

You may feel that a certain person is your true relationship soul mate, only to find out that there is someone better in mind for you. If you put it out that you are only willing to create a relationship with a specific person, you will often mess up the process. There may be a trait or something you are not aware of with the other person that won’t make that person your best partner. You might totally miss the person who is your better partner because of your focus. Know that we are working behind the scenes on such creations. This principle applies to all areas of your life. You may not be aware of something that we are picking up or see and so what you are adamant about may not be what you truly would like to see manifest. The full process is what you really need to work with in your creation.