Friday, March 16, 2012

Be What You Wish to Attract!

Peace my brothers and sisters. It is something that comes from within. When you seek to create peace outside of yourself, you seek to change others. When you seek to create peace from within yourself, you seek to become the energy of peace.

If each of you would seek to become the energy you wish to be without trying to force others into a different energy, you would find a much more powerful world. How often have you seen peace rallies where people seem so angry. The reason is people are more attached to changing others than they are about changing themselves. When you seek to impose energy on another, you are engaging in a fight for control. The energy tends to heighten but it doesn’t shift to what you desire it to be.

Our advice to you is to focus on becoming what you desire to be and allow others to do their own work. Spend time tuning into the energy you wish to be. See how that shifts and alters your own energy. That is where true power resides.

If someone asks for your help to change, you may help them help themselves through guidance and observations but not much more. If people don’t ask for your help, they most likely don’t want it. Allow them to find their way without judging them.


The Godhead