Thursday, March 15, 2012

Choose Love!

Welcome to the Ides of March. When Caesar was murdered on this date many centuries ago, it was based on the fear of those around him who thought he garnered too much control and they wanted to take the power back. It was based on egos that were in fear and decided to use fear energy to generate more fear.

We realize that you have many opportunities to evolve and grow. We are hoping that mankind will be able to move forward into a much more loving approach to all that you are and do. We see that you may choose to come from love in your perceptions and ways of being. This date is a transition date. How will you utilize it? If you learn to do your transitions in love and joy, you will aid to much evolution in your planetary makeup. When you come from love, you are opening up to new ways of seeing your world and existences. Because of this great love that we share with you, you always have choices. How you make your choices says much about where your futures lie and where you will end up moving to and growing to.

Your souls choose to be here for great adventures. You have had many lifetimes which have perpetuated your reality right here and now. To break the cycles, you must be open to viewing things differently and making new and bold choices. You are here for a reason and that reason promotes learning and growth. It may be slow and in small steps or it may be in huge evolutionary leaps. You are not making these choices for others but for yourselves.