Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enjoy Each Moment!

Welcome those of the leap year. We realize this a special day to those born on this day. When you think about it, time is arbitrary. Yet, time can mean so much to so many. Labels of time and space are a novel concept to us in our perspectives. We live for eons and we just transmute our form based on the need of each moment. Humans hold different perspectives based on where you are in life and your experiences. We value your perspectives. You are constantly in a state of change and flux. This may seem to challenge you but we are amazed by the ways you are affected by this process.

Your time on the earth is fleeting. So, enjoy each moment of it. You will realize, at some point, what an amazing experience your life is. Many of you enjoy it in hindsight. Try and enjoy each moment as it is unfolding and see how that changes your perspective.