Sunday, February 12, 2012

Showing Up and Being Present!

Knowing the future is not about having information so that you know something that others don’t know. It is about having a heads up so that you may help others when things do show up. Many of you alter your behaviors when you know how something will happen. Yet, the real power is about showing up in the moment and being present with others in love and compassion. The end result is never that important to us. It is the process to get from where you are to your futures. It is about being open and showing up in your lives.

Timelines change all of the time. That is not the issue. Outcomes will take place but they are altered often. What you receive in your intuitions will take place and you will know how to navigate it. It is not the interesting part of life. Showing up for your day and each moment is much more interesting. Looking at your options and making your choices, is much more interesting. That is why you are born in this world. You get to experience the physical. Knowing when someone is to leave your realm is not as interesting. Spending time with those who are important to you is where you must put your endeavors. Releasing those you don’t belong with is much more compassionate. We wish you to really be aware of how each thought, pattern and behavior influences each moment and the outcomes.

Place your focus on the moment and what needs to happen in each successive moment. Enjoy this present place and moment. That is where your power is.