Saturday, February 18, 2012

Protection and Wealth

I am a God of War and Protection. I also help those who seek wealth. My main gift to you is to watch over you and keep you safe, as I did for my people many centuries ago. My people would often raise those who performed great services to China to the level of God or Goddess. We utilized their attributes to make them sacred. Many spirits will do the same to help those who are on your earth plane. You may invite them in so that they may assist you. Know that not all spirits wish to assist others. Many spirits are on their plane of existence and busy with their work in their current forms. Be advised that it is better to invite the energy in. If it is appropriate for them to come in, they will and they will do their service with you in that way.

I will protect those who ask for my protection and deserve my protection. Be honoring of me and I will serve those who belong with me well. Your fortunes are not always in the form of money. Be aware of this. There are far more valuable assets to protect.

Quan Kung