Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pay Attention to Authentic People!

You seek adventures and you seek your life purposes. These are really one and the same. You are programmed for what is truly within you. You hold the keys to your delights. Pay attention to those who are authentic. The authentic people are not working to create their lives. They are just creating their lives. You all know those who are just going through the motions and those who are truly in life and ready to blossom. There is a glow that those who blossom possess. There is joy and presence in their behavior. They feel real. You gravitate to them. You find yourself wanting them to succeed and you help propel them forward. Notice people and how they are in their lives.

What is it that you truly want? What really feeds your soul? Find those answers. Seek those answers and reawaken your knowing. That is the key to the physical life. If you truly want to experience love, be open to love and loving others. Don’t try and figure out if something is right for you. If you are asking that question, it is not right for you. Things work out perfectly and in the right timing. You don’t need to figure it out. Start by enjoying what you have right here and now. Hold gratitude in your hearts and minds but not faux gratitude. Hold true gratitude. There is a difference and you will know when you get there. Your happiness resides within you and none else. You are in charge of creating your own happiness. Start there and the rest will follow.