Monday, February 20, 2012

Your Focus!

Blessings! We will keep this simple. You are blessed and you are blessings. You each must stop focusing on what you view as problems in the world and start being the solutions. Focusing on problems never heals anything. When you learn to focus on something as just being, it no longer is a problem. If you see something that needs to be healed or changed, try to open up to the energy and how to be with it. You are no longer fighting energy but being with it. Open to how to work with it and it will shift automatically. You are then focused on solutions instead of issues. You are no longer passing judgments on the energy but you are resonating with it.

Realize that you are being shifted from a fear based way to a love based way. From the love based way, there is no issue. There is no need to force your opinion or even share your opinion. Treat others as you would wish them to treat you. Know that all life has value and a purpose. You no longer feed the energy of that you wish to diminish and you do feed the energy of what you wish to see expand. Be love and compassion. Know that each must face the repercussions of their behaviors and ways. If someone values anger and hatred they will soon see the results of their ways. If someone values love and joy, they will also see the results of their ways.

It truly is simple. Remove yourselves from those whom you find vexing and put your energy towards those you find value in. If you genuinely can respect those you are with, you will notice that you are genuine and all the other energy will fall away.