Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work and Path

For those of you who are worried about your work and path, it is not something you need to worry about. There are pieces of service that show up in your lives. We have watched some of you get into angst with some of the projects where you are helping others. You often think the work is about restoring someone to a place you want them to be at. You impose activities with others or think you are fixing something. There is nothing wrong in any of the situations. They are merely experiences. For those wishing for a different experience, you may be called on to help them with the formulation or pieces of the work.

Pay attention to when things change and when they stay the same. Often words and actions are not the same. There is no need to judge the situation. Judgments about how someone is living or existing are still judgments. They are not a type of service. You must strip your egos from your work. When you get frustrated with another because they are not doing what you said or how you said it, you are judging them based on your own ego. There is no need for attachments to end results. That is also an ego way of creation.

Start with repairing your own lives. We say repairing but we mean altering your lives so that you are happy, contented and in joy. Find your own true place of love and continue from there. Until you are coming from a place of pure love for others then you are not able to move beyond your own place of judgment. To truly serve, you must be able to genuinely love those you serve. It is also okay to realize you don’t need to be of service to everyone. Most healing takes place by truly being with someone without any form of agenda. Your work is shifting and so is your way of being on the earth. So, think about what you are offering here and now.