Monday, February 27, 2012

Experiencing and Path!

Brothers and Sisters,

What are you open to experiencing? What shields have you put up to block you from your life? As you gather from yesterdays message, we are helping you prepare by being open to receive. We are helping you to be open to follow the path that you are to take. You are forms of explorers who are in your world to represent other zones, realms, dimensions. You have come to help the earth, the people of the earth and your world. Your work on this plane will help other worlds, realms or dimensions. What you do in your current life has the potential to help many other places in time and space. This is the crux of why most of you were chosen to be here or volunteered to be here. You are meant to be of service to the many who are on your plane of existence.

Remember this concept when you get frustrated about the state of your world. If you get caught up in the energy that is around you, you will not be as affective in helping. There is no reason to judge others. They are on their own path. Not all humans are light workers so their creations won’t make sense to you and your creations won‘t make sense to them. Their path doesn’t need to be right for you. It only needs to be right for them. That is the point of time where you need to tune in and find how to be with the energy and what if anything you are there to do. Know there is purpose for all things. You are responsible for finding how to do your own work and how to utilize your life and gifts to help wherever you are. Sometimes this involves only being present. So, you won’t always know why you are where you are. Those moments will most often be moments that simply require you to just show up. You won’t always know why you are asked to be in a specific place. So, don’t worry about that. Know you are asked to show up at specific times and places for a reason and you don’t always need to know the reason.