Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We have spoken of release to you. Many of you have created rituals for creating your day. You may have created simple rituals or very complex rituals. We would like to offer something very simple for you. One of the greatest prayers and blessings is simply gratitude. You may simply say, thank you for this day! You may add to your list of gratitude in the morning, during the day and in the night. We caution you to not obsess over this.

If you wish to attract something into your life, start by giving thanks for that which you wish to attract. For example, say thank you for the amount of money that you wish to attract. If you wish to own a home and currently don’t, find an image of a home you would enjoy owning and give thanks for that home and owning it outright. If you wish to pay off your mortgage or bills, give thanks for the money to do that. If you wish a loving partner, give thanks for having such a wonderful loving partner.

After you put this list of gratitude together, make sure it is something for you to have and then just give thanks for having it. The reason we add this is you may think you want something but it is not in alignment for you. If it is in alignment, you can manifest it. The rest requires trust and surrender. Let it go and go about your day. Follow your intuition and know that if something is for you to have it, you will have it at the perfect time. Most things show up when you are no longer looking for them but you are trusting that they will show up perfectly. You are not hyper-vigilant about it or when it will show up. It just will perfectly manifest. Go about enjoying your day. Find happiness within yourselves so that the happiness may show up outside of yourselves.