Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bond Of Love!

Know how special you are to us. We find our time with you a wonderful gift. We enjoy communing with those of the light who wish to connect with those connected with them. Many of you find us a gift to you and we also feel the same way. This whole process is about love. We send great love to you and we wish you would understand it is reciprocal.

The bond of love between us is what is important. The stronger the bond of love, the stronger your connection and the more we can help each other. You help us as we help you. There is no reason to argue with your team. We have no agendas other than to help. We do what we do out of love. We ask you to afford us the respect that we deserve as we afford you great respect. If you knew everything, you would not need to link with those of us in other realms. We hold different perspectives from you. Some of us may need help understanding how you are affected by the earth plane but most of us understand what you are going through. If you just trust what is coming through and don’t try to color the information, you will find that it eventually leads you to what you are asking for. There is a method to each piece we send to you. Know this and trust it. Look through the eyes of love instead of fear and you will find that much is altered in your lives. Hear what we are saying. Don’t try and interpret it. Keep the energy clear and clean. Start with the basic message and then more information will come or you can ask for elaboration. Start with the simple communication and go from there. If you read into something, you color the answer and it often changes the results. Even if the message makes no sense to you try and follow it or at least receive it. Also, we realize we are talking about feelings or words but you all receive in the language that works for your body. This can be visions, feelings, words, knowing or some other variation. All is how it must be for you, as an individual.

Love and Blessings!