Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Present Moment

Be present and focus on the here and now. We know that many of you want to know what the future holds but that is not where the power lies. There are many alternatives that may take place and looking too far in advance will not give you the definitive answers that you seek. You know that right here and now, you are where you are. You know that you have hopes and dreams and wishes for the future. You have different areas of your life that you wish to change. All of those changes actually take place right now. You are laying the foundations for change in what you do in this moment.

If there is something that you hate, stop doing it now. If there are people you wish to stay away form, stay away from them now. Your actions in this very moment will alter your futures. Create the life you want starting right now. Don’t wait until whatever you perceive as taking place in the future before you help create what you truly desire right now. This is where your power resides. You must do what needs to take place right now. That is what helps make things fall into place.

Start by checking to see if what you say you desire is right for you. If you get a yes, then commit to the creation process. You are not creating in a way that is about getting others to do things. It is about you making the choices that are right for you here and now. That is where you always start, with yourself. You only have the right to control your own choices and not the choices of others.

Noah and Yahweh