Sunday, February 19, 2012


Blessings my dear ones,

I wish for all of you to find the love that is meant for you. This love will take many forms. You must each seek compassion and wisdom. Know what is good for you. Blind love is not a true love. It allows for abuse, which is never condoned. I spent many years in human form being abused because it was thought to be the right of the abuser to own me. My life was controlled and very brutal. Know this is not the will of heaven or any being of light. You each must be treated with respect.

Hold great love and compassion in your hearts for those less fortunate than you. Give aide to those you are drawn to help. Do this from love and compassion and not from coercion of those who seek to raise funds. Helping others doesn’t require sacrifice or guilt. It must come willingly of your own free will and choices. Charities that use guilt and coercion to raise such funds do no good for those whom they serve. Being open to your work and helping because it comes from within you is much better service.

Part of this new time in history is that you must base all that you are and do on a love model and no longer the fear model. You will truly be blessed with all that you are meant to have from this place. There is no need to fear lack or that you will not find love. Love is in everything around you.


Quin Yin