Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bring Your Authentic Self Out in the World!

Each is meant to bring their power out into the world. Each is given assignments and those assignments determine what form is taken and where the being is sent. An angel on earth is not a fallen angel. They are assigned to help humanity. This is an act of love from the angel who has come to be among mankind. This applies to all beings who choose to come and help right now at this time of transition. It might take each being a while to process how to navigate your earth and their path on your earth. As it nears time for your assignments, you will awaken to what that work is and how to do it. We have placed that into the design to prevent you from many of the issues that have arisen in the past. Your time on the earth is not a punishment but a desire from you to truly help mankind.

If you are getting frustrated, it is time to ask for help remembering who and what you are and how to help. This request may need to be how to help in the meantime, until it is time to do the work you were assigned here on this plane.

You must each be where you are drawn to be. You cannot go and stay someplace because another wants you there for ego purposes. You must each be where you are meant to be. No matter where you are, there is potential to do good work but you will find things work out when you go to where you are assigned. This information is mainly for those of you who are light workers or beings of light who were assigned on the earth at this time. You will know if this applies to you. If in doubt ask those beings from your teams who are around you for information on your purpose and time on this planet. Your work will soon present itself to you.