Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opening To Recieve Transmitions!

We often like to communicate with you when you do not have shields up. We will pick times when you are sleeping, early morning or late at night. This is because you are not in your head or trying to convolute what is coming through. This is different from shielding for protection. We need you at a place where you are open for the energy transmission.

When people are awake, they are often in their heads or discounting what comes through. We are looking for you to be open so we can transmit to you. You are like radios or televisions. The transmissions are wavelengths or like radio waves. If you create interference, you will not get clear information from us. The more open you are the cleaner the transmission and the easier you receive the message. If you can learn to do this in your waking state, you will be ahead of the game. You will be able to receive in your waking state more clearly.

Start when you are open to receive and don’t be defensive about what comes through. Just be open. You will find that more and more will come through at that point. Visions come to those open for them. They can be subtle or very powerful. So, don’t dismiss something that seems subtle. You are learning to work with different frequencies and wavelengths.