Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love and Compassion for Others!

Your first order of service is love and compassion for others. No light worker was put on the earth to impose their values on another. No light worker was placed on the earth to force another to change. When you go to that place, it is time to return to the first order of love and compassion.

Start with I don’t know. You may believe that you have the answers for another being but that is not necessarily true. You must realize when you are being of service and when you are imposing your will on another. Each being must follow their own path. Stop imposing answers just because you think it is the answer that another seeks. There is a different energy when someone prays for help and you show up with information. They must seek answers before you reach for the answers for them. When it is time for someone to come to you in service, they will arrive.

Your main work is to be open to helping, when the time is right. Just because information flows to you, you don’t need to offer it. Always check in and see if the information you are receiving is meant to be shared in that moment. Then, ask the individual, if they are open to what is coming through to you. Even if someone says yes, you will know if you are jumping on knowing their answer before they are ready for it. You will also know if you are violating them by what you perceive as their answers, based on how the information affects them. Also, be aware that you might not be right about what you are picking up. There may be another path they need to execute. You may just be picking up some alternative for them. They must follow the path that is right for them.

We are aware that many of you are feeling ready to work and yet you are not seeing the work around you. Start with really being love, light and trusting that it all works out. Most of Being is not about doing. It is simply being present with another without judging them or imposing your will. Allow each to find their answers. You are not on the earth to force change but to be present during the possibilities.