Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not all information needs to be shared. We hold back on a lot of information for individuals who are not ready to receive what is coming through. This is a judgment call on our part. We are working with each of you on your own processes. We are alert to your needs and we work vigilantly for you. Our partnerships are being formed. We must trust each other.

You may receive guidance to do something and it makes no sense. You may be alerted to a potential issue and you are then prepared to handle it. If another course is revealed, you will then be shifted to that. This is no reason to stop trusting what you receive. Energy may be subtle or profound but it is all right there for you. Keep the faith. It all makes sense just as it needs to and when it needs to. You are ready for new pieces, as they show up. Your growth and development is a process. So, be kind to yourselves and your teams. We are all working together now. Much is in the works. It is busy on our side, even when you feel like you are in limbo. Much goes into the creation process. So, be patient. We are working to help you as fast as we can. We must also make sure you have an infrastructure in place. Building on a strong foundation will help you in your futures.

We salute you!

The Light Council