Monday, February 13, 2012

Teams and Changes

We know that many of you are learning about your teams. The energies working with you come and go. This is not a punishment. This reflects you and where you are right now in this moment. You always have the forms of energy around you that are right for you. Energy is not about getting attached to certain ways or things. It is a flowing form of existence. When you learn energy ways, you are learning to flow with what is and how you are guided. Your intelligence and thought process is what propels you forward, backwards or at a stand still. When you get locked into a certain way of being or acting, you are stifling your flow. You must learn when to hold onto something and when to let it go.

You may require a certain energy for a certain time period but you are not meant to always have everything. The judgment of what to release and when will come to you, if you are paying attention. If you need something back that was released, it will come back to you. What we speak of is different from someone saying to you that they like what you have and saying they were told that you must give it to them. If you pay attention the release should feel right to you and not be forced. What you wish to attract, must vibrate with your energy.

Ask your energies who work with you for guidance about what to do and how to do it. Ask your teams what is good for you to focus on and attract. That way you are not focusing on something that isn’t in alignment with you and for you. Trust the energies around you to be right for you. Allow the new ones in and allow those who need to leave you to leave you. The energies on your team are also evolving and changing. They are, also, beings. It works best for all of you.


Noah and the Light