Thursday, April 26, 2012

Transition With Guides!

There is a process taking place right now where your guides are stepping back to do some work that they are being required to do. Other energies are stepping in to help you each fulfill your own growth and life work. What is taking place may feel odd to you but it is part of what needs to take place right now.

If this is taking place with you, you may feel a sense of disconnect. The information that is coming through to you may feel different or seem different. Things you are used to doing may feel off. You are all being aligned into new fields of energy. Your work is shifting with the energy changes. There is nothing to worry about. The main advice we have for all of you is patience. You may also tune in and ask your groups if this message pertains to you. Some of you may not be going through this and others may not have been aware of the changes taking place.