Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your Own Path!

Seek your own path. Wait not to be on the path of another. It is not for you to force your path on another nor for another to force their path on you. You must each follow your own destinies. Be honest with what feels right to you. Do not try and convolute what you know to be right for you to placate another or to hold onto another. You will meet those who belong with you and around you, as you follow your authentic way. You may have times where you feel alone but you are using the time and energy to manifest your way. Allow your way to reveal itself to you in its own time and how it will.

There is a saying that some people are in your life for a moment. Some people are in your life for a day, a month a year or a lifetime. We come together with others how it needs to be. There is an ebb and flow of relationships. You know when it is time to release an individual or group but many hold onto these individuals way past their time together. You do this out of fear. We ask you to release the fear and be honest with what needs to be and how you need to be with others.

Seek not reasons to hold yourself back from your futures and your lives. There is much that unfolds now.