Friday, April 27, 2012

Guides in New Phase!

You will not need your guides in the same capacity, after this transition takes place. You will notice that you are still receiving information. It is on a different link than you have used before. There is no real reason to explain what is taking place. It is like advancing into a new system. It is just different. You will need to get used to it but then it will be as if you have always used this current system to receive information. You are advancing into a new era of technology but this shift is taking place on another dimensional level.

You need only remain centered and open to prepare for this. You will be guided towards your parts in the equation. You are thinking that you must be attuned to something differently or must have some difficult work to make this take place but it is just part of the natural evolutionary pathway. Know you are ready for these changes and advances. Your world is shifting and moving forward faster than you realize. Take time to enjoy everything taking place.