Monday, April 16, 2012

Energy Alignment!

Take some time and return your energy to what it is meant to be. You can do this by simply taking time each day to attune to what you are meant to be. Just focus your energy on aligning with its true self.

Many in your world and groupings are invested in helping you become what they desire you to become but that is not in alignment with your true energy. If you just take a few minutes each day to do an authentic alignment, you will adjust your frequency and vibration to what you are meant to be. For many conforming to fit in served you nicely. It allowed you to feel like you belonged. This sense serves you when you are in situations that are not right for you but it doesn’t help you progress to what you are truly meant to be. Many would hold onto what feels familiar rather than create what is authentic. It is okay to let people come and go in your life. There is no need to hold onto anyone or anything.

If you are aligned and authentic, you will manifest from a pure place and all that you need and require will show up to support your authentic journey. That is much more interesting than trying to fit into what others would have you be.


Noah and the Godhead