Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Changes and Safety!

Dear Ones,

Your world is reconfiguring. There are certain areas that are safer than others. You may start to feel the need to move to new locations. Trust this. Know that you are being sent to new locations so that you will be safe and protected. This is not one of the times where you should argue or try to negotiate to stay where you are. You have many beings working on helping humans to continue on as a life form. Between this shift and what many on your earth are doing, you are not making our work easy. Many are conspiring to do work to destroy your world. Some are doing this from greed. Some are doing this from ignorance. Many are telling you certain practices are safe but they really are not. Some things like fraking are destabilizing your earths foundation. Taking oil from the earth is making some areas unstable. You think you need certain commodities to continue using your cars and vehicles. You don’t need these forms of energies but many make too much money to make the needed changes. They look at their desires over what is right.

For humans to survive, you must work with the earth. As you take care of the earth, the earth may better take care of you. Egos have no place in helping you survive. Trust what you pick up for yourself and don’t let others tell you it isn’t so. If you are trying to read for others, make sure you have permission to read the person otherwise the information may not be reliable. The information we are giving you is for you to know what is right for you.

The Knowledge Keepers