Monday, April 30, 2012

Plan and Contingency Plans!

Know that we will soon be helping to intervene with some issues affecting many of you. We are gathering around you again and now is a time to help you move through your past and onto your futures.

We have created contingency plans for each and everyone of you. We know that much in your world is changing and evolving. We also realize that there are many who function from their egos and are working to thwart our work with you. There is a fear that many generate of anything that they are not aware of or if they don’t understand what is going on. Many seek to limit what others are capable of doing. You are not here to placate others or to conform to their ignorance. You must follow your own inner guidance now and always. Trust what you pickup and pursue your destinies from that point of view. Don’t spend too much time convincing others of what you are picking up for it is often just for you. Others may hold no interest in your answers. Whoever your answers resonate with, will participate in your particular ways and the aspects that require their attention.

Much is changing, shifting and evolving. There is no need for concern. It all works out perfectly. When we speak of contingency plans, we have altered much to help you pursue what ifs in all scenarios. You are not alone and you have much help to succeed on wherever your pathways evolve to.