Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Authentic Work

Know your own work. This is about being authentic and working in alignment with your own knowing. To find this place, you must strip away the expectations of others for you. You must locate the inner voice that resides within you and you must then remove the patterns instilled in you by humans. This is the place where you source truth and not conditioned beliefs.

Know that this may feel awkward at first but you will find it aligns you faster and faster to your inner workings. You must not fear where this will lead you. You are now ready to awaken towards your destinies. Challenge your beliefs to find what is authentic and what is programmed by your environments and those who have taught you. Strip away anything that is not authentic to you. You will receive guidance, when you ask for it. You know how to proceed. Start with finding what is real for you. Look at your organic talents and gifts. Start with cultivating those areas. Don’t let others convince you to do otherwise. Your inner knowing will be your best guidance for this piece.