Sunday, May 20, 2012

We know that many of you are in a hurry to move to the next phase of your work. You have dreams and aspirations and you are working on your plan to create your desired life. When you work at this creation, make sure that you are aware of the path that is supposed to be before you. Know there is a plan. You hold your desires and aspirations for many reasons. Look at why you want something. The motivation for your desire will help you understand what stands in the way and what is the piece you must usher in.

There are various reasons for delays or for another creation to show up. Look at what is showing up and then ask why it is showing up and how it serves you. You never know where this will lead you. Hurrying to get to a destination often gets in the way. Try and take in each moment that is before you. You will be glad that you did!