Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You see many systems holding onto anger and frustration. Many go to peace rallies and shout or scream and there is much violence that emanates. People go into peace negotiations with others who espouse peace but would use violence to show their mistrust and anger. This will not usher in peace. You must work with others who wish true peace. You must work with others who understand love and compassion. In regions of anger and animosity, you must really be clear about what those in charge truly seek. Why are they doing what they are doing? Who do they think that they serve?

Leaders who inspire through fear and intimidation are not true leaders. They are into struggles of power. The wish to hold control of others and seek to make others submissive to their needs, desires and wants does not serve anyone. There is little power in this. To succeed, these leaders need to oppress many and work at negating the power of others.

True leaders inspire others to be their best. They seek to help all those that they serve to be successful and to meet the needs lacking in society to support the individuals. They look for ways to govern through helping others. They are nurturing help and forming a new bond of fellowship. These leaders hold no ego. They are true public servants.

The Masters of the Light