Friday, May 18, 2012

When each of you stand in your own power, you will no longer need much that you have sought as your answers. Your world will seek a sense of renewal. Yet, you will all be renewed. When you are in your power, you will not need to belittle another. You will no longer consume products unsafe for you. You will not try to govern others, while keeping yourself in old patterns. You will find a renewed sense of purpose and your destinations will be apparent. Your health and vitality will shine and you will notice that you are more present and aware. You will no longer be worried or concerned about the paths of another. You reach higher standards and you will notice your lives are renewed.

Once you reach your full potential path, you are no longer working at holding onto what is not yours. This is a much better place to be because your possessions will soon reflect your own integrity and needs and you no longer hold onto baggage that is not your own. You are free to explore your own personal journey.