Friday, May 25, 2012

When someone who professes to be a light worker tells the Universe how they are owed something or that they deserve something, they are missing the purpose that they serve in the Universe. You are not on the earth for earthly rewards. You are on the earth to help mankind or the Universe in some fashion.

The resonance of the belief of being owed something is related to human training. There is a belief in a reward system. They think that it is good karma to do service. When you do this type of service, you have attachments to rewards and you are not doing good deeds to just do good deeds. That is what we are looking for. Release the need to do something with the attachments of what you will get in return. When you can truly do this type of service, you will know you are coming from light.

This doesn’t mean that you are taken advantage of. This means that you are doing what is within you to do and you are truly aligned.

Many Blessings!