Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Truth and Channeled Messages!

Know this: truth is plain and simple. Truth does not require convolution or bate and switch. There is no need for any smoke screens or coercion, if something is real and truth. If something is good, it will not require high pressure or a call for immediate decisions with time limitations. There will be times where you need to respond quickly to a situation but that is more a protective response. Most experiences will allow you the time to check in and see what is right for you. You don’t get to decide for another person.

Always check in and see what is real for you and what is truth for you.

When your teams present information to you, it will most likely be simple and straight forward. It may not make sense to you, at the time but it will be a straight forward answer. When people send you channeled messages that go on for many pages, pay attention to how the information feels. We don’t need to bog you down with information. Our messages are to convey answers to you or to give you some information. We see no need to write reams of information so that you can feel important by receiving such lengthy prose. Your senses will always help you realize truth.

The Light