Monday, May 28, 2012

When I was in my earth form, I went to the hills and spoke to God in the form of the burning bush. I was in awe of what was before me. My task was laid before me to help my people free themselves of bondage. My charge was daunting and overwhelming but my trust was garnered by my connection with the land. I had belief in the nature that supported life of my people and family. I ventured forth on my journey based on this trust of my people and my resources that were provided for me along the way. At each step, I was guided.

Mankind is on a path similar to mine. You are each being lead out into the world into your own desert. You will need to resign yourself to many travails along the way. You will be provided for all that you require, if you pay attention. Nothing will be presented that is not part of your future lives and journeys. You will harness your energy and open to your human flight into the abyss. Know that you must reconnect yourselves to your earth and all that is. You will feel your connection as well as your separation. This will help you positively flow into your lives. You will reach a great expanse. Now is your time to soar into the heavens and on the earth. You are magicians ready to sojourn forward. Each piece is precious and miraculous.

Blessings my brothers and sisters!