Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday, we posted a message signed William the Conqueror. After the name came through, I was asked to let you know that there are many spirits and beings ready to help us out. The answers or information may come from those who have lived on the earth or those of other existences. The point is that if you are open for information, it may come in many forms and from many different beings. There is no right or wrong. Pay attention to the quality of the message or whatever you are receiving.

The point is to open up to the information that comes through. You will know what feels right to you. If you are meant to be a conduit for other beings to communicate through, then you must be open to how you may help them deliver their messages. Your senses will help you know when something resonates or when something feels off or false. There are systems in place to keep each of you safe while the messages are being delivered and received.