Friday, May 11, 2012

Communications with Your Teams!

I was doing some work with my guides and I heard them giving me some compass directions for what to do. However, when I set the space according to the compass directions, I found out that they were giving me a relative compass direction that was based on the room configuration. So, the directions were really related to a form school approach in Feng Shui.

The lesson was that you may think you understand what is being given to you but it may be something different from what you viewed as the answer. Also, realize that you are always learning about better ways to communicate with your team and your team is always learning better ways to communicate with you. In your communications, you are working on creating a way to receive the energy that is being transmitted and how to understand it. Even if you get used to something specific in the communication this may shift or change at any moment. So, when you receive your information do a confirmation and then ask if what you picked up was correct. When you go to do something, you may want to ask if you are doing what your team meant.