Monday, May 21, 2012

We know that many of you are worried about how your futures will look. You are not enthralled with what is taking place right now. Many people are up at arms against the systems in place. You see systems are not working for the masses.

Realize that all things serve some purpose. We have taught before that you must first understand how something serves before you can even start to change it. If something is meeting needs, it may not be ready to change. However much of what is now shifting will soon be taking new turns. You have seen much but know that even if you believe you know much, you still are only privy to very little in the scheme of things. Try to look at things through the views of different lenses. If you look at things differently, you open yourselves up to other solutions. You are not locked into place. If you try and look at things the same as you have always looked at them, you will only see the same answers. Your solutions reside outside of the box.

If an institution is about to go away. Look at what it served. Look at the needs of the people and then open up to ways to meet those needs, if those needs still exist. You cannot use the fear model to continue to project answers in your world. Always ask, if you weren’t afraid, how would you do something. You know when fear is at the root of something. Now, you must go and change how you process what is before you. You must be active participants in your lives and your world. Don’t allow others to make decisions for you.

William the Conqueror