Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Experiences are Framed!

When you are going through any experience and use that to frame the world and the way things are, you are only framing your own experience and the way it affected you. When you receive guidance to do something or to stop doing something, it doesn’t mean others must follow suit. When you teach, you are teaching what worked for you.

Each being must have their own experiences and figure out which ways work best for them. You are free to try what another suggests but ultimately, you are the one who must live and experience your own life. Pay attention to when others try to force you to be a certain way or go through a certain experience. How does that feel? Trust what is right for you. You will know how it feels and how your senses react to all parts of your life. If something causes you to shut down, it is most likely not the way to go. You are your own barometer for your own life. Explore the avenues where you are directly guided to be. Follow the path that is right for you to explore.


The Light Bearer