Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now is the time of alternative ways. You must cease the old and open to the new. You must revitalize your soul and awaken. We activate those who are anointed and ready for what is now to be. We help you claim the life that we have seen within you. You must soar into the light and awaken your destinies. You are soon to arise as great leaders with compassion and love of those you serve. You must not look to old models to serve you. You must instead awaken to the truth of the way things were meant to be. You must choose to use a soul model of creation and not the models used for centuries by mankind. You are no longer leaders who would subject charges by tyranny but lead by love and a desire to help them be their best. We know it is within each of you to do better now. A major shift is soon to take place. Arise from your shell and go forward.


The United Light Field