Thursday, May 17, 2012

Those who seek to govern must learn to listen to the needs of their constituents. Those who seek to hold office, must look at their true motivation. If the desire is to help others and to seek ways to work with the people to govern wisely and compassionately, you are in a mode of service. If you only look for ways to create you own glory, you are not working for the people.

We write these words because we are aware that elections are underway. We note that many govern through animosity. Notice how many of the people being governed are missing their sense of hope. Notice how many are willing to step up and support their leaders from a genuine desire to help govern and create policies that truly represent the needs of the people. You can garner an understanding of what is taking place by looking at the reactions you receive. This is not just about politics but in all aspects of life. The reactions will tell you much about the transmission of energy. If you value change, you must understand how people think and what their filters are and how they adjust to the information they are receiving.

There are many systems in place that are not working with those whom they truly seek to serve. The masses feel unappreciated and unheard. They are not working with the system and the system is not working with them. Complaining without working for a better system is never a valid way to process what is now taking place. You must be willing to help in the healing process to make anything better. Instead of complaining, seek instead to find how to alter the system and make it better for all concerned. Do your work through love and compassion. You will notice how much farther you gain in problem solving.