Friday, May 4, 2012

Authentic Power!

We need to emphasize that each of you must be what you truly are to connect with your authentic power. As you strip away the fear energy and the impact of all of your conditioning, you will reveal what is truly you. Knowledge of others helps you navigate your world but it is not necessarily your life purpose. Pay attention to what you gravitate to and what you really admire. What gives you joy and makes you feel passionate. Strip away the fear and manipulation energy and techniques. Avoid those who try to intimidate you and force you into their ways. You will not take long to do this process, unless you need to.

Once you reconnect to your true self, you will radiate that energy into your world and that will lead you to your true purpose. If any fear comes up, you are not in your true path and purpose. You will know what feels right to you.

Know this and honor what is right for you. Those who do not belong with you on this authentic journey will separate from you and those who do belong with you will manifest and appear. You will see the shift take place soon after. Don’t fear letting go of others. You must each manifest authentically and allow others to do the same.