Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mankind was not meant to be sedentary. Mankind was meant to move and be physically active. Your modern world has stifled that energy by making many of you sit before your computers or sit in offices. As a result, artificial ways were created to simulate time for movement. You no longer move throughout your day in work that creates healthy physical forms.

Mankind has also altered your food. You have placed drugs into your animals and altered their lives to fit how you wish to use them for food. Other items are added into your food source to alter it and make it convenient for the food producers. Humans were not meant to consume such creations. Your earth provides you with the food needs naturally. It is better if you revert back to the old ways of eating. Eat animals that have lived in pastures or in the water. Eat plants that have not been altered to fit some manufacturing need. Keep your foods simple and basic. You will find that cleaner fuels will produce healthier bodies.

Take care of your land so that your land may take care of you. Take care of your earth so that your earth may take care of you. You will find that the better you do this task, the less you will require many systems put in place to care for those not able to care for themselves. Excessive business and noise has also created harm to many. Simplify your lives and return to your basics. You will then be reconnected to the earth and energy around you. This will make you feel plugged in and energized.