Saturday, May 12, 2012

Don't Settle for Things Wrong for You!

People can hold out for the whole package of what they truly desire. Too often people jump to settle for something because they think it is good enough. Many people will say something is not right but they can change it. The true trick to having what you truly desire is to not settle for things that are not right for you.

There are times that you need to have an experience to help you know what you truly desire or want. You will have a sense when you need to do this. However, you need to recognize people and energy for what it is. Don’t take something and try to make it conform to what you want it to be. Allow all things to be what they need to be. Change happens all of the time but it happens naturally. Each being evolves when it is right for them to evolve. Energy changes when it is ready to change. If you need to force change or behaviors, you are not really doing anything but forcing something out of alignment. That model has created more problems than solutions. Know this and adjust. Your work is to be authentic and make the changes in your own life that are right for you. Allow others that same ability. It is much easier to attract the right energy for you than to take the wrong energy and try to convert it. You will find life flows better, when this takes place.