Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Links Between Realms!

Your links between realms is intensifying. You are starting to be able to more easily move between the realms and dimensions. As the veils thin, you will notice how this shift is becoming more pronounced. The ancients often needed to go into isolation in the wilds of untamed lands. Many tribes would take hallucinogenic drugs to alter their states. The Oracle of Delphi was placed in an altered state by the energy of her space and what was piped into her. Your generation no longer needs to do this. You are able to shift and move between worlds without doing that. You are becoming more open to the messages that come through to all of you. Trust what comes through. Make sure you are shielded and protected so that you don’t need to worry about what comes through. By now you should know the difference in how the energies feel. Trust what you pick up. You may ask for signs that you will understand to help you know that what you are picking up is correct.


The Godhead