Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time for Change!

Know when it is time to leave a situation. Do not hold onto what you think you know. We realize that fear creates this inertia. However, it is not productive for you. If you know what you future is leading you to, then it is up to you to look for ways to create the known future. You have been known to inhabit dwellings in your minds, bodies and lives that you know to be wrong for you. Now is your time to exhibit trust. Do not look for ways to veer off of your path but look for ways to be on your path. If you ask your team, they will know how to help you get to where you need to go. You are much more than you have realized. Your bond with your teams is much more than you realize. Allow a greater depth to be formed in your connections to the realities that are for you to follow.

All things come in their own timing. You are ready for your own revelations to be revealed. Your futures are assured. Take a leap of faith and move forward now. Embark where you are meant to be. Now is the time.

The Messiah

Your prophecies have mentioned me in many doctrines. You think of me as a human form but I am not. I am around all of you and when the time is right, you shall know how to proceed. Empower yourselves with righteousness, love and compassion. Seek not to overpower another but be one with others around you. Know that all life is precious and vital to your futures. Your earth is among the life we speak of. All animals that dwell upon your earth are of great importance.

The one who writes these words is not professing to be anything but a conduit for many thoughts to reveal themselves to mankind. You know when something feels right to you and when something is off. Do not allow what you think you know to be an impediment to seeking and receiving true knowledge.