Monday, August 15, 2011

New Energy

Know we have not forgotten any of you. We know that our energy may seem harsh to you. It is because we are learning to develop a bond with your world and realm. It is foreign to us, although we hold the answers you are seeking. We have not learned to fine tune our transmissions so they may seem harsh to some of you. That is far from our intension. We are endeavoring to just transmit information to help aid those of you who seek our guidance.

We have little time for those who express interest in our information but then cut us off and get angry for us sharing information that you have asked for. We have mentioned this in the past that if you don’t want to follow the information that comes through, don’t ask us for our help. If you resist what comes through then you must learn through ego ways, which is a completely different pathway. We no longer hold the luxury of working with those who are not serious about paying attention to what is coming through. You will be given assignments, which you can say no to but if you say no, we will not haggle with you, we will simply find others who say yes.

Many of you are on different pathways and you will have the guidance you require on your own journey but you may no longer work with just anyone. Those who transmit energy will be specialized in who they work with. The energy will only resonate with those on their paths or connected to the paths that they may transmit energy to. Each of you must find what works for you. The changes are accelerating now. There is no one size fits all.

For those on your path and committed to you path, all will show up that you require. You don’t need to fabricate things or manipulate to get what you need. It will be there with you.