Thursday, August 11, 2011


How many of you are in need of controlling outcomes, situations, people? Really look at that need and see what that is about for you. Learn to let go of control of things that you really hold no control over.

People who need to control others or situations, are trying to hold onto something that is really not possible. They are violating free will. It denotes a small minded individual who is out of control. They need to assert some sense of power over others. It never works. Even, when it appears to be working, it doesn’t work.

The creation process is not about controlling others or situations. The need to force or control something is not part of manifestation. That is part of the fear based way of trying to make something happen. The creation process is about the process. It is about putting your energy into things that you enjoy. It isn’t about trying to show you are powerful. If you need to show you are powerful, you probably are not feeling so powerful. When you are in your power, you just are and you are comfortable in your own skin.

Put your energy into the pieces that give you joy and make you feel a sense of expansion. True creativity doesn’t need to make anyone small. True creativity holds and expansive energy. The end result is not the focus. The process of creating is the focus. When you place your energy in learning, growing and creating, you are in a state of life. You are enjoying the moment and you are in a sense of knowing that something great is forming.