Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Light Shift

Brothers and Sisters,

Unite in a bond of fellowship. We are now ready to enforce a light shift upon your realm. The vibrations of your world are about to change greatly and you will notice that some will have difficulty with this change. You will notice that your frequencies are changing and altering. The acceleration may feel uncomfortable at first but bear with us on this one.

Much is in the works right now and there is no turning back. The efforts you have made up to this point will soon pay off for those of you committed to your light work. There is no need to fear what is about to be. You are ready for it. Also, do not get caught up in how it appears to be. Some things may look violent but they are connected to the soul contracts of those involved in the shift that appears violent. For those who hold contracts of peace, this shift will not be violent or even appear violent. Just stay open to the energy and ask how you may serve and work with the changes manifesting.


The Light