Saturday, August 27, 2011

Times of Being on Hold!

There are times where you can put your lives on hold to help someone with their process and there are other times where that won’t work. Some of you have very important work to do in this lifetime and you must do that work. Your evolutionary path is important. So, before you agree to something that might get in your way, check in and see if you may say yes to helping someone else on their path by physically doing their work. Realize you are being placed on loan to another person during that time. Sometimes, it might be just what you need to do. But don’t automatically say yes to others. Always check in and see if by saying yes it interferes with what you will need to do or if it doesn‘t interfere.

If you feel like you are being placed on hold, check in and see if you are the one placing yourself on hold or if another is doing that to you. The sense of being in limbo is not always something that comes from the higher plane of existence. Your teams can help unblock you, in cases where you have created the block or some human has created the block for you. There are times where the higher realm may need you to take a step back and may place the block on you to help prepare you. But always ask, when you are not sure what is happening. We are happy to help you understand what is going on.