Friday, August 26, 2011

Exercise on Focus of Thoughts and Ideas!

Here is an exercise for those willing to commit to it. Take a word, thought or idea that you would value and focus on it. Just spend time each day on this word, thought, or idea. Investigate this energy. Expand on it. When, you are commuting, having quiet time or day dreaming, focus on this energy. Pay attention to how your day and experience changes by doing this. Notice where this energy shows up in all its forms and aspects. Pay attention. Start looking for this energy you desire. How is your day different? How is your week different? How does it affect you?

Instead of focusing on what you say you don’t like, shift your focus on what you do like. If you feel the need to focus on what you don’t like, go all in with that focus. See what happens when you do this. You get to choose how you would focus. That is up to you. We are mainly interested in awakening your awareness and helping you to understand how you are using your power. You each have the choice of using your power as part of your Free Will. We assume most of you reading this will choose to use your power in Service of what your Divine natures would dictate. We are not new at this work, we realize that many of you are on different paths and will take what we teach to meet your own needs. We are offering lessons and allowing you to each get what you need out of them.

We hold no attachment to how you each progress. Many of you are ready to move on to a new level and we are focused on addressing techniques to help you meet these goals and shifts.